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ASCG Interpro (Asia) is an engineering services company specialized in providing compressed air system to a variety of industries. We also provide turnkey project services, including consultant, planning, design, installation, start-up & commissioning, service contracts, and maintenance & repair.

We select the best technology of compressed air systems to fulfill requirement and for the best solution of our customer. We supply the high quality of compressed air because it’s very important for the good operation as well as reduce maintenance or breakdowns on air tools.

Our teams are experienced in installation and services that you can count on. In troubleshooting  ,systematic analysis for the root causes is carried out to identify the most suitable engineering methodology for use. We deliver our quality services reliably and on schedule.

Now on, our air compressor and air treatment are operating in various industries more than thousand units. We have maintained our standard and are always improve the service we deliver to customers.

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