Compressor output with high endurance

The G-DRIVE and V-DRIVE series offer consistently high performance as well as numerous features for particularly reliable, energy-efficient operation
and convenient maintenance.There are various useful extensions available for 
the latest generation of ALMiG screw compressors: an efficient heat recovery system with a constant temperature,an integrated refrigeration dryer which is precisely designed for the delivery volume of the system,
as well as 
the latest controllers to network your entire compressed air station. The system extensions do not affect the footprint of the compressor at all.
Power Output            
Volume­flow­acc.­to­ISO­1217 (Annex­C-1996)
5­–­13 ­bar;­ stepless ­settable
V-Drive :­Direct ­and­ speed-controlled
Energy­ efficiency ­class ­IE­3;­IP­55
protection, protection class F
Optional integrated refrigeration dryer  
In this version, the refrigeration dryer is integrated in the system to save space. The compressor is used to supply the dryer with power, control it and protect it against freezing ­if ­operated­ at­"underload".­The­ parameters ­of­ the­ refrigeration dryer are exactly tailored to the respective kW ­class­ and ­the­ dryer­ cannot­ be­"bypassed".  
Energy-saving speed control  
All­ variants ­are­ also ­optionally­ available ­with­ energy-­saving speed control.  
This ­is­ where ­the ­highly­ efficient ­direct ­drive­ comes­ into ­play :­ the ­high-frequency ­drive­ motor ­operates­with ­out-standing­ efficiency ­over ­the­ entire­ speed ­range.­  
The operating pressure can be adjusted steplessly from 5 ­to­ 13­ bar.­The­ high-quality ­frequency­ inverter­is­ easy­ to ­access in the control cubicle – an optimised cooling air guide provides optimum ventilation. Inverters and cables are­ electro-magnetically ­shielded.  
Heat recovery system  

All our systems are designed so that an integrated heat recovery­ system ­can­ be ­fitted­ into ­them­–­either­ directly­at ­the ­factory ­or­ as ­a ­subsequent ­retrofit.­With­ this­
system, the energy consumed for the generation of
compressed air can be converted almost entirely to usable heat;­for­ example,­as­ hot­ water ­for ­feeding ­into­heating­ systems or for heating process water or industrial water. The constant temperature of the heat recovery system ensures reliability.

Reduced service costs  
The­ G-DRIVE­ and­ V-DRIVE­ screw ­compressors ­are­ very ­easy to maintain : all components are easily accessible from­ one­side ­and­ the ­large ­sound-insulating­ doors ­are easy to remove. This reduces the maintenance and down-times to a minimum, and ensures that the service costs are completely manageable.  

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