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With ­the ­two­ stage­ G-Drive ­T ­series ­ALMiG­ sets­new­ standards­ in­ energy­ efficiency. ­By­ compressing ­air ­in ­two­ stages ­they ­achieve­ a­specific ­performance ­which ­is ­at ­the ­highest ­level.­Therefore, ­the ­G-Drive­ T­ compressor­
­series ­offers­ a ­higher ­volume ­flow­ with ­a ­lower ­input­ power consumption, in comparison to an equivalent single stage compressor. Low rotational speeds and lower internal compression ratios within the compressor stages increase the­efficiency,­reliability­ and­ lifetime ­of ­the­ compressor ­elements.­State­ of ­the­ art­ efficiency,­coupled ­with ­a­ low ­sound ­level ­and­ low ­service­ costs,­makes­the­2-stage­technology very interesting for industrial compressed air users.

The­ G-Drive­ T­ offers ­all ­these ­benefits,­plus­ a­ compact­ footprint­ due­ to­ its ­well-thought-out­design.­With­ a­ look ­to Industry 4.0, the controller of the compressor has all the required functionalities to communicate with common industrial­ company­ systems.­Or ­simply ­use ­the­cloud­ service to monitor the compressor from anywhere.


Power output

Volume­flow­acc.­to­ISO­1217 (Annex­C-1996)
14,6 – 51,5 m3/min

5 – 13 bar



Energy­efficiency­class­IE­3;­IP­55­protection, protection class F

•Due ­to ­the­ high­ efficiency ­of ­the­ compressor ­maximum ­energy savings can be achieved and the life cycle costs of the machine can be reduced                   
•Up to 15% greater energy savings in comparison to a single stage compressor
•Durable­ and ­reliable
•Low differential pressures
•Reduced ­heat ­load
•Easy maintenance and service
The­ unique­ design ­of­ the­ air end ­integrates­ the ­first­ and­ second stage into one compressor element. The rotors of both air ends achieve the optimal speed due to the gear drive.

An ­efficient­ compression ­is­ achieved­ by­ using­ a­ cooling­ oil mist for interstage cooling. This controlled amount of oil enables at the same time to avoid condensate in the second stage. A complicated and expensive separate interstage cooling is not necessary and reliability increases.

+ efficient screw compressor technology  
+ Low rotational speeds together with lower internal pressure ratios ensure  a long durability  
+ Efficiency and ease of maintenance made for lower life cycle costs  


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