Oil-free compressed air of outstanding quality

 Oil-free compressed air of outstanding quality  

     Not­ only ­is­ there­ demand ­for­ high-quality,­100%­oil-free­ compressed air in the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, electrical engineering and medical industries, but wherever products of the highest quality are produced. Therefore,  ALMiG  delivers maximum compressed air quality in highly sensitive­ areas ­of­ use ­with ­the­ oil-free ­compressors ­of ­the­ LENTO ­series.­Only­water,­the­ most ­natural ­of ­all ­raw materials, is used in the compression process. 

100%­oil-free­compressed­air­for­ industrial use (pharmaceutical, food,­chemical,­etc.)


Power output
LENTO­I:­ 15­–­30­kW LENTO­II:­ 30­–­55­kW LENTO­III:­ 45­–­80­kW LENTO­IV:­ 80­–­130­kW

Volume­flow­acc.­to­ISO­1217 (Annex­C-1996)
1.01 – 18.03 m3/min

Operating ­pressure
LENTO­I­&­II:­ 5­–­10­bar LENTO­III­&­IV:­5­–­13­bar



IP 55 protection, protection class F

      The ­speed-controlled ­direct­ drive­ of ­the­ LENTO ­series ­delivers ­maximum ­cost-effectiveness­ by­ precisely ­matching­ the­ volume ­flow ­to ­the­respective ­compressed ­air­ requirement. The integrated refrigeration dryer ensures a low pressure dew point. Therefore, under certain circum-stances, the customer doesn't need a separate refrigeration dryer. This avoids costs for the fresh water supply and water processing and minimises service and maintenance costs ­compared ­with­ o ther ­oil-free­ compression­ systems. 
 Clean and ecological solution:  
 Clean,­environmentally ­friendly­ oil-free ­compressed­ air  
 • ISO­class­0,­certified ­in­ accordance­ with ­DIN­ISO­8573-1:2010  
 • Dust­ particles ­that ­are­ drawn ­in ­are ­washed­ out ­by ­the ­water  
 lean condensate – pure water – can be discharged directly into the sewer system  
 • Very ­low­ temperatures ­during­ compression ­thanks ­to­ excellent ­heat ­transfer­ via­ the­ water.­Reduced­ amounts of energy are therefore used to           generate the compressed air 
  + 100% oil-free compressed          air  generation

+ Volume flow can be adapted       exactly to meet compressed       air requirements

+  No switching cycles or                expensive idle times

+ Energy-saving soft start             without current peaks

+ Operating pressure can be         freely selected between pmin     – pmax in 0.1 bar/1.5 psig         increments

+ The reduction in pressure can      save money

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