Internet-based remote monitoring

In the future it will be even easier to remotely monitor your compressed air generation ­thanks ­to ­visualisation ­via ­the­ ALMiG ­web­server­–­regardless of where you happen to be at the time. The system ensures high reliability with convenient access to various parameters, prompt messages and
comprehensive facts.

Up to ten compressors can be monitored in this way – regardless of the compressor­type.­The ­system ­works­ with ­both­ piston­ and ­screw ­or­turbo ­compressors. The only prerequisite is that the web server is connected via ­an­ AIR ­CONTROL ­HE.­State-of-the-art­ bus ­technology ­is­ used ­for­ the ­installation.

Accessible parameters:

•Energy and compressed air balance, also available to download
•Overview­of­the­compressor­station­with­the­operating­statuses of each individual compressor
•Loaded / idle mode statistics of compressors
•Detailed­information­about­utilisation,­network­pressure and­specific­performance­data

The most important benefits:

•Easy to operate via standard Internet browser
•Can ­be ­accessed ­via­ company's ­own­ network­ or ­anywhere ­in ­the­        world ­via the Internet
•Dial-in­protected­ by ­user ­ID
•Various parameters are depicted either in tables or graphs
•Continuous monitoring of all parameters of relevance to operation
•Active­ e-mail ­notification ­to­ up ­to ­5­ e-mail addresses ­in the­ event ­of­    warnings,­ maintenance ­work­ or ­faults
•onvenient transfer of all relevant data into ­Office ­programs ­such ­as­    MS ­Excel 
•The parameters are displayed in a visually appealing way
•CSV ­files ­for­ further­ processing
Monitored. Visualised. Documented.

Using ­the ­ALMiG­ AIR­ CONTROL ­family ­of­ controllers ­you­ can ­control,­manage­ and­ monitor­ your ­entire ­compressed­ air ­supply ­system in­ the ­best­possible way.
The­smart,­integrated ­compressor ­controllers ­offer ­you ­optimum ­operating­ convenience­ and­ outstanding ­cost-effectiveness.­They­ deliver­
maximum reliability in the supply of compressed air and plan maintenance ahead of time.

The very latest microprocessor and communications technology is used, guaranteeing you seamless integration of all compressor models as well­as­the­ entire ­range­ of­ accessories. ­And­ all ­that ­as­ standard­ via­ the­ RS-485­ data­ bus.­The­ optional­ connectivity­ to­ a­ web­ server­ enables­ monitoring of your compressor station from anywhere in the world.

Further functionality and benefits:
• Huge potential savings by reducing idling levels and lowering pressure levels
 • Transparency when it comes to the compressors and accessories, at all times
 • Reductions ­in­ maintenance ­time­ and ­downtimes


 • Icon display for the most important operating states, such as              compression temperature, dew point and operating pressure
 • Programmable automatic restart
 • On-site­operation­–­Remote­on/off
 • Fault­ memory­ (no.­of­positions)
 • Refrigeration­ dryer ­activation


 • Microprocessor controller with colour touch screen and illuminated       graphic display menu
 • Supported user guidance
 • Simple connection to all accessory components
 • Can be integrated into the customer's own management systems
 • Timer programming for optimum adaptation to operational                  requirements
 • "System­pass"­–­the ­compressor's­business­card
 • Various language variants available
 • Various graphical depictions can be accessed,
 • Basic­ load­ cycle ­switching : ­another­ 4­ additional
   compressors­ (slaves)­can ­be ­added­ as ­master ­control­ device
 • Fault memory
 • Programmable automatic restart
 • Extensive statistics with data logging
 • System parameters can be saved to a data medium to reduce             programming effort


 • Microprocessor controller
 • Illuminated­ colour ­LCD ­display
 • Navigation­ using ­number ­keys
Icon display for all the important operating states,
   such­ as­ mains ­pressure,­final­ oil ­and­ compression ­temperature
 • Maintenance interval indicator
 • Fault memory
 • Link­to­superordinate­control­systems
 • Refrigeration­dryer­activation


Version: Compressor and global control system
 • Can ­be ­used ­as ­a ­consumption-dependent­ global ­control ­system for      up to 10 compressors
 • Excellent optical display and simplest possible operation using­a­7"­         TFT­ colour ­touch­ screen
 • Flexible installation into the compressor or into a separate control       cabinet possible
 • Extremely ­user-friendly ­thanks ­to­ simple­ configuration and­ start-up­     wizard
 • Parameter settings can be saved to a data medium
 • Comprehensive statistics can be accessed using the­ data-logging­         functionality

Version: Global control system
 • Quick­ access ­to ­information ­about ­the­ operating­ state of the                connected compressors
 • Graphical ­display­ of ­power ­and ­consumption ­profiles
 • Split screen: compressor data and information about­ the ­network­        can ­be­ displayed­ in ­parallel
 • Leaks­can­be­identified­and­displayed
 • Priorities can be allocated
 • Energy-saving­–­all­ the­ compressors­ operate ­in­ one ­pressure ­               tolerance    range
 • Speed-controlled­ compressors ­can ­be­ integrated­ seamlessly ­into ­         the system
 • Can­ be­ connected ­to­ higher-level­ control­ systems­ or ­a­ web­server

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