Piston Compressors

HLA Series - Oil lubricated, air cooled piston compressor

Compact compressed air stations for industry and trade

  • Energy-efficient motors
  • High-quality and robust components
  • Long life
  • Variant diversity



With the HLA series, ALMiG offers, in addition to its comprehensive portfolio of screw compressors, a new series of oil-lubricated piston compressors.

The use of high quality cast iron for the main components such as cylinders, cylinder heads, connecting rods and pistons and the use of stainless steel valves and modern roller bearings is proof of the high quality of these piston compressors.
All these measures result in a very high durability and thus a long service life of the entire piston compressor.

The HLA series impresses with reliable and robust operation at a comparatively low cost.


  • Unit on upright tank

  • Unit on horizontal tank, movable

  • Unit on horizontal tank, stationary

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