Heat Utilisation

Save energy easily and enjoy financial benefits quickly

The energy consumed for the generation of compressed air is converted almost entirely to heat.
This is a high potential for savings since one compressed air station with a power requirement of 75 kW during 4000 operating hours, for example, will need approximately 300,000 kWh of power every year.

Use this energy in the form of:

  • Warm air to supplement space heating
  • Warm water to support central heating
  • Warm water for industrial water

Warm air for space heating 

The heated cooling air is used for room heating via a duct system. A controlled, adjustable room temperature is achieved by temperature-controlled dampers.
In winter, the heat of the extract air is used completely or partially for heating purposes.
In summer, it is blown outdoors via an exhaust air duct.

Possible temperature level: 20-25 K above ambient temperature.


Hot water for heating purposes

Plate heat exchangers are used for heating water preparation. The heating water is guided through "plates" in a closed jacket.
The hot compressor oil flows between the plates and the jacket and transfers its thermal energy to the heating water.

Possible hot water temperature: up to 70° C

Heat for process water

The heat recovery process is the same as for heating water. The use of safety heat exchangers prevents the oil from entering the domestic hot water even if there are leaks.

Possible domestic hot water temperature: up to 70° C


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