Smart TD

SMART TDThe “All in one” solution

TD systems Oil-injected screw compressors on receiver with dryer 4-18.5 kW

Our TD series is the ideal “all in one” solution for our customers who prefer a compact solution. No pipe work, everything is ready, just plug in the power, connect the compressed air supply to the consumer network or device and you are ready to go…

Compact, space-saving with the highest compressed air quality
Our TD systems


With the TD series, we offer a compact solution that optimally meets all of our customers’ requirements. The oil-injected screw compressors on containers with dryers work with a nominal output of 4 to 18.5 kW. Choose from eight different models from the SMART 4TD to the SMART 18TD for your all-in-one solution.


Thanks to the compact design of the TD systems, you can use and set up each model to save space. No complex piping is necessary – plug & amp; Play enables an uncomplicated connection. After connecting the compressed air connection to the device or consumer network, you can start right away. The TD systems offer high compressed air quality, which is made possible by the integrated dryer. This prevents the formation of condensation, which protects all downstream devices. In combination with the low residual oil content in the compressed air, our SCC compressors make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.


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