Adsorption Dryer


Highly efficient desiccant dryer of the latest generation with a pressure dew point of either -40 ° C or -70 ° C.

Power saving mode

The standard 10-minutes cycle is designed for full load operating conditions and the standard purge rate of 7-15% is normally “consumed” regardless of whether the dryer is operating on full or partial load. Considerable energy savings can be obtained by reducing this purge loss in proportion to the real working conditions.

A probe, located on the dryer outlet, checks the pressure dew point and keeps the drying column working until the outlet compressed air reaches the chosen pressure dew point. The working cycles are now automatically modified and the saving is directly proportional to the load reduction.

Standard reference conditions ISO 7183:

  • ambient temperature: + 25°C
  • inlet air pressure: 7 bar
  • dew point: Class 2 (ISO 8573-1)

Max working condition:

  • ambient temperature: + 45°C
  • inlet air temperature: + 50°C

For 16 bar pressure please contact our technical department.

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