Predictive Maintenance (Proactive)

  • Vibration analyser

    To prevent unbalance , looseness and missed aligntment of compressor element and motor by vibration analyzer.
  • Laser alignment

    One of the Condition base monitoring (CBM) that help the compressor in good condition.
  • Thermoscan

    After commissioning the new machine or after overhaul , The thermoscan are necessary instrument that we use.
  • Energy Balancing System

    EBS) This is the intelligent instruement that give the customer’s information of capacity (m3)in their factory and also analysis of consumption for new machine .
  • Inline/Insert Flow meter

    Instrument Flow meter (Inline/Insert) can measurement free air delivery of individual air compressor.
  • Pressure dew point monitoring

    When the customer need to make sure that quality of their compressed air is clean and dry refer to ISO 8573.1

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